Excessive odor?

You’re not alone.

miraDry is the only non-surgical treatment to permanently reduce underarm sweat and odor.

Underarm Odor

Underarm Odor is Common and Uncomfortable

Osmidrosis, or odor resulting from sweat and bacteria interacting on the skin, can have a negative impact on patients’ lives both physically and emotionally.1

Think you are alone? You’re not. Everyone experiences stress sweat.2

Why stress over underarm odor if you don’t have to? miraDry is the only FDA-cleared device using thermal energy to permanently eliminate sweat and odor glands while reducing hair in the underarm.

Excessive Underarm Odor Solution

no longer bothered by odor at 12 months3
The miraDry system is a 1-hour, non-surgical treatment that uses thermal energy to target and destroy the sweat and odor glands, and hair follicles in your underarm. Once those glands are eliminated, they do not grow back.

Science of Underarm Odor

Your body has eccrine glands and apocrine glands that produce sweat to cool the body. Your apocrine glands are usually the culprit of underarm body odor. These glands produce a thicker type of sweat with an oily consistency made up of proteins and lipids (fats). The sweat from your apocrine glands mixed with bacteria on your skin creates odor.

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