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Fun fact: The approximately 25,000 sweat glands in our armpits (yes, you read that right) only constitute 1 percent of the sweat glands found on our bodies.


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How to Stop Sweating So Much

Excessive swampiness can be an inconvenience, especially in the summer, but several treatments are available.

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I don’t know about any of you but when it comes to buying deodorant, I’m always a bit overwhelmed at the amount of options.

6 Ways to Limit Sweat Under Your Arms, According to Dermatologists

Sweating is a bodily function we all deal with. And for good reason: Sweating is one of the main ways of regulating our internal body temperature.

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Sometimes it feels really good to sweat, like during a hard workout. Other times, it’s not so welcome.

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When it comes to beauty hacks, TikTok is full of them: some genuinely smart (like the smart SPF layering hack and the viral one-minute messy bun trick), others decidedly questionable.

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Sweating is an essential body function that helps regulate your internal temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable during hot weather and strenuous activities.

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How to Control Sweat on Your Wedding Day

We all know that your wedding day will be full of perfect memories, but, let’s face it, there will likely be a few stress-inducing moments, too.